Tony Taylor: Bringing your Business to Life

Business developer and coach, Tony Taylor, prides himself on his passion and expertise for taking businesses of all sizes and developing their success through his effective coaching techniques.

Tony boasts a wealth of experience, having achieved many impressive results during his years in the business, and his approach to work is wonderfully genuine. He always gets to know his clients, as the process won’t work if there isn’t trust, and he takes an honest, efficient approach with each person he deals with. It’s vital to Tony that every client gets the optimal result from someone who is growth-focused and always invested in them and their business.

Currently located near Darlington, Tony’s work has not only taken him all over the country but over to continental Europe as well. Having worked in a number of roles for numerous different companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Boots Plc and Coca-Cola, you can rely on him to deliver professional, competent services no matter what your situation may be.

Some of Tony’s greatest achievements include implementing a plan of changes for a warehousing company that generated £1.2million per annum savings, and taking an SME from the verge of collapse through a process of restructure to become a secure, approved supplier. Nevertheless, his proudest personal achievement will always be his wife and children.

The most satisfying aspect of being in this business for Tony is the day a client comes to him with thanks – seeing his efforts transform someone’s fortunes makes all the hours of hard work worthwhile. The true accomplishment comes from smaller businesses – the companies for whom a lost order, a misfortune or a lack of skill can be the difference between a secured future and not being able to pay the bills. If he can remove that worry, then he has succeeded.

Tony has the logic and the experience to work through any issue a business may have and he’s truly passionate about helping his clients succeed. He’s proud to say that he has never had to address a negative response from a client and he understands every effort that needs to be put in to achieve success. No matter what Tony does, he does it with a positive attitude, a sensitive mind and promising determination.

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