Is networking your most powerful tool?

Let’s put that question to bed straight away. Yes. Unequivocally yes. Nothing can grow your business like networking. Even if you landed a huge life changing contract on your first day of trading you will still have achieved it with some form of networking. Therefore, the most sensible thing you can do is jump headlong
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Nobody knows anything!

Nobody knows anything! A bold opening statement I’m sure you will agree. Any good research scientist will tell you that a statement like that is of no use if it isn’t backed up by proof. Well, here is the proof, a picture of my daughter having tried to use a spoon… …A spoon. The most
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Why everyone needs a Coach, including a Coach!

All businesses and their leaders have areas where they aren’t fit & healthy, processes which are overweight, jobs for which their desire level is too low and goals that are missed through lack of accountability. These basic facts and behaviours are true everywhere you look. I’ll come back to this after telling you a story…
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