A coach is more than a business associate. A coach is someone who gets to know you, understands your business needs and genuinely respects everything that’s important to you and your livelihood.

If you can’t fully rely on your business coach and trust them to help you transform your company, what will you ever achieve from having one?

This very concept is why we at Teacee Taylored Solutions engage with each and every one of our clients on a personal level, committed to guiding them on their journey to success and being there beside them every step of the way. Yes, we can mentor you and share our extensive knowledge with you, but we’re also here for you to put your faith in. We have confidence that, with the right strategy in place and the proper level of coaching, any business can succeed beyond their wildest expectations.

For your enterprise to grow, you need to make sure you have the right foundations to build on. It’s inevitable that you’ll come across potential problems every day – you just need to know how to find the best solutions for them. Sometimes all you’ll need is for us to simply plant a seed of thought in your mind, but at other times you might need a more intense coaching session that holds a lot more direct information. It doesn’t matter what point of your entrepreneurial journey you’re at, we at Teacee will be more than happy to coach you to improve.

To discuss how we can help develop any aspects of your business through our effective methods of coaching, please get in touch with Tony Taylor via e-mail at: or over the phone on: 07981 072618. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you on your next step to success.

Why do I need a coach?

You wouldn’t ask an unqualified, inexperienced spouse or family member to build your website, develop your marketing strategy or handle a HR dispute, you would employ a professional. Yet, studies show that over 70% of business leaders seek the majority of their business advice from family members. The leaders of the most successful organisations in the world develop strong relationships with trusted, experienced coaches and advisors, so should you.

Of course this isn’t just restricted to business. Across many walks of life, those heralded as successful, inspirational and the greatest in their field reach those levels through coaching. Top sports stars, movie stars and world leaders all benefit from trusted coaches and advisors.

How would coaching help me?

Coaching focusses on you to optimise your skills and address the traits or gaps that hold you back. Coaching will remove fear, teach you to leverage and maximise opportunity, exploit your strengths and open your horizons to the areas of your business that can and will perform at a higher level.

Coaching will enable you to work on your business, not in it. You will become stronger at building relationships, developing long-term strategy, setting & achieving goals, maximise productivity and self-motivation.

How long is this service provided for?

For as long as the relationship remains stable and desirable.

You will meet with new challenges and have new ideas for as long as you are in business and as a result will always be able to benefit from a strong coaching relationship.

Of course, you can choose to partner with a coach for a short-term project, to achieve a specific goal or to receive a good foundation that helps you drive yourself on through self-improvement or you can take advantage of the many benefits that come from ongoing support.

What type of businesses can benefit from coaching?

All businesses is the simple answer. The key factor is not the business but the business leaders.

If you own or have been chosen to lead a business you should already have the industry knowledge you need to be successful in your chosen sector. What you may not have are the skills, knowledge and attributes required to lead a business, any business. You can be the best maker of widgets in the world but that doesn’t mean you are able to successfully lead a widget making business.

With our guidance you will be!