Business developer and coach, Tony Taylor, is passionate about helping businesspeople develop and reach their ultimate goals, no matter how ambitious they may be.

With more than 20 years of experience working with large and small businesses in many different sectors, Tony is confident he can help any business achieve the success it deserves. He approaches each new client with an open mind and a genuine interest in their organisation.

No relationship will ever work if there’s no trust, and Tony makes sure he’s completely honest with his clients. It’s vital to Tony that every client gets the optimal result from someone who is growth-focused and always invested in them and their business.

A little about me…

Even though the first thing you’ll physically notice when meeting me is probably my height, as you’ve probably gathered, my true passion is to help businesses grow and succeed. Being particular and observant allows me to help my clients view their business from all angles, which in turn gives them a clearer view for development. My main life focus has always been on my business, however in my spare time I enjoy going camping, watching movies, cars and cooking.

Why I love my job:

I get such satisfaction from seeing a client transform their life for the better. This is the main reason I love business coaching and development. I first started Teacee because of the desire I had to apply my skills to help support businesses and grow leaders to a level above that presently achieved by the mainstream offerings and resources. To put it into practice every day gives me a truly rewarding feeling.

Favourite movie:

Empire Strikes Back

Favourite place:

Pooley Bridge near Ullswater

Favourite drink:

Yorkshire Tea with soy milk

My inspiration:

My children – watching their ability to learn and explore without the attitudinal and behavioural traits we adopt as we grow older.

Still a little unsure what you need?
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