All businesses and their leaders have areas where they aren’t fit & healthy, processes which are overweight, jobs for which their desire level is too low and goals that are missed through lack of accountability. These basic facts and behaviours are true everywhere you look. I’ll come back to this after telling you a story…

As a business coach and leader motivator I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but, I lack motivation away from the workplace. There I’ve said it. Just like the plumber has a leaky tap at home and the designer has an outdated logo, I as a coach still require motivation and guidance towards my goals.

For a long time, running was my main exercise, on a treadmill or in the great outdoors. The only problem is that I wasn’t very good at it! I struggled with breathing patterns and could only run in short bursts before slowing to a breathless walk. I never improved, I simply persevered. After a while I simply stopped doing it. I had lacked support and direction.

After a few years of not exercising a family event triggered the realisation of how unfit I was and gave me a desire to change. Just enough desire to think about it and talk about it, not quite enough desire to actually do anything about it. I’m sure that this desire level resonates with many of you in areas of your professional life.

Then I saw on social media that a handful of friends were all, separately, using a host of very similar running apps to trigger that desire to get fit. I’ll guess that most people are aware of the type of apps that are available that focus on being goal driven, they often have that goal in the name of the app, be it a distance or a time or a weight loss. So I downloaded one that had great reviews and I was instantly hooked!

Six weeks in to an eight-week program I am running better than I ever have and am not struggling with my breathing despite still being obviously overweight and having a much lower level of fitness than I have enjoyed in the past.

So what triggered the behaviour change? Simple, despite being the archetypal chairman/leader character type, I needed accountability and that little voice in my headphones from the app provided me that. There was a considered, developmental structure provided by a professional expert delivered to me by means of that voice. The voice set goals and marked out my (running) path to achieving them.

In the past, a five-minute burst was my maximum, now I am comfortably running for 20 minutes and eagerly awaiting the apps instruction to increase that. In other words, my productivity has increased by 300% in the space of six weeks and my desire has grown exponentially.

The goal at Teacee is to get in to the heart and mind of your business, to become your business app and to give you the direction, support and accountability you need to meet, then exceed, your goals.

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