Nobody knows anything! A bold opening statement I’m sure you will agree. Any good research scientist will tell you that a statement like that is of no use if it isn’t backed up by proof. Well, here is the proof, a picture of my daughter having tried to use a spoon…

…A spoon. The most basic of tools. A simple utensil for moving food from your plate to your mouth. There was a day when you didn’t know how to use that spoon – remember that next time you are deriding your mother for not being able to use an iPad, you’re frustrated that you are having to teach her to use a sophisticated piece of modern technology, she had to teach you how a spoon works!

In fact, there was a time in all our lives when we knew nothing other than the scent of our mothers. If you want further proof I have several photographs of my daughter completely baffled by the concept of a strawberry!

Through our formative years, infancy, childhood and in to adolescence, we are taught the fundamentals of movement, language, the use of tools and a host of other subjects as governed by the schools we attend. Mixed in amongst that is a fair amount of learning from our own mistakes, a valuable but often costly method of study.

For many of us though, that is where it ends. We complete our formal education. We move in to adulthood and our families move from teaching and nurturing to standing back, maybe only stepping in when something goes wrong. This process fills us with the belief that we now know everything we need to know for a successful and long future. Many will get jobs, there may be some further education involved but often it is simply the conditioning of doing that role in the manner prescribed by your employer. Not education, rather skill through repetition.

That skill, when impacted by other factors such as a desire for more money, the belief that you can do better when not constrained by your employer or a termination of employment for example, may lead you to consider starting your own business. You decide to take that leap in to self-management. The control of your own destiny.

At this point the vast majority will look for some form of finance to invest. An office space, equipment, marketing, a company vehicle, a float to cover your income needs until you get going. All sound familiar? What is missing though? Simple, the investment in human capital. The investment in yourself. If you want to be truly successful, you have to invest in increasing your own personal capital. To do that you need a coach. True, if you take the combined learnings of a couple of hundred of the right books you will have all the correct information but you still won’t have the tools to apply it to yourself and your specific situation. This is your coach’s specialism, their expertise. Their sole purpose is to transform you and make you the best you can be.

Why confine yourself to only using the education and minimal support you already have when you could flourish under expert guidance.

Running a business without a coach is like running a marathon with your feet tied together. You might still get there but it’s going to take you a lot longer, require a lot more effort and you will fall over along the way.